Waiting on Hold for Customer Support Should Be Fun According to John Mayer

Being put on hold with customer service is one of the those inconveniences we’ve all learned to live with. Singer-songwriter John Mayer just offered a solution that could make waiting for support very fun.

Mayer put out a simple tweet that quickly went viral on social media: “They should let everyone on hold with customer service talk to one another.”

The tweet received a flood of comments both positive and negative, and was retweeted over 100,000 times. Some of the comments received include “u are a genius,” “I find it hard to believe that John Mayer has never made you laugh before”.

But is the idea of connecting customers while on hold even feasible? John Mayer didn’t elaborate, so I will.

Many companies keep you waiting on hold and what you get to hear is a song or an advert, and the pattern is ever repetitive. Therefore, you get bored very fast by listening to the same thing every time you call. However, if they can go with John Mayer’s idea, you won’t be bored; you can kill time listening to various people speak, and you get to know other people’s views on issues. On the other hand, unlike an internet chatroom, listening to the chitchat of every customer who is on hold at the same time can be a little unnerving. The service becomes crowded; everyone is talking, you don’t know whom to listen, it’s noisy and you can’t hear anyone. Also, some would use abusive language, and callers speak differently due to age groups. In the end, it’s all racket and no customer service.

A system like this would only work if small groups of callers are connected or callers are paired individually to each other. Any company can implement this but they should come up with rules and regulations to avoid various things such as abusive language and harassment between callers. In addition , one language should be used by all callers in order to avoid chaos and confusion.

The primary problem for implementing on-hold caller community system is not technical. Fonochat, Livelinks, and other phone chat lines have a concept that is very similar to the one suggested by Mayer. There are way too many things that can go wrong because after all, we are talking about a random human interaction that could become raucous. You are basically looking at a situation where hundreds or even thousands of people are online at the same time, and all of them have different personalities, a perfect recipe for a disaster.

One standout advantage of this idea, of course, is that customer care representatives will take little time addressing issues, especially in scenarios where a group of customers have similar problem as the group is addressed as a collective and not individually.